Daisy, our foundation

for all our yellow girls.


Sound parents are the foundation for our commitment to responsible breeding.
We use only animals certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
and by the Canine Eye Registration Foundation.  

We strive to improve the caliber of our bloodlines and produce healthy puppies that have sound structure, superb temperament, and flexible working ability.

Our labs are an integral part of our life, often spending time inside with family. One of their favorite activities is swimming in the family pond.



Our labs are very helpful to each other, as you can see.

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Fred Simmons - Yadkinville, NC - Fred's Email

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BareFoot Labs is a small kennel, owned by
Fred Simmons & the late Brian Phelps,
dedicated to chocolate and yellow labs.  

We strive to produce balanced, quality, sound labs.  The temperament of the sire & dam is a major  attribute we look for in producing litters of puppies.

Occasionally we participate in conformation shows.  We have raised dogs who are now involved in field  trials and conformation shows; several of our dogs  work as pet therapists.  

Most of our puppies go to homes where they run  and play with children or serve as gracious companions to other family members.